3 Best Portable Hunting Blinds

August 12, 2021 3 min read

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Ground blinds are one of the most versatile tools you can use when hunting deer, turkey,  varmints and many other species. They keep hunters camouflaged and shielded from the elements, and you can pair them with a quality hunting chair for comfort. However, most hunters agree they’re challenging to relocate once in place, especially if the season has already started. What if there were a solution that gave you the camouflaging of a ground blind with the spot-and-stalk hunter’s mobility? Enter the portable hunting blind, giving you the best of both worlds. Learn about the best portable hunting blinds on the market and how they can help you bring more meat to the table.

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1. GhostBlind Runner

TheGhostBlind Runner is part of Shadow Hunter Blinds’ GhostBlind line of portable ground blinds. Although it is not the first of its kind, the GhostBlind is one of the most innovative portable hunting blinds. It relies on a set of angled panels covered in a mirror-like reflective material instead of a fixed, single camouflage pattern.

The primary advantage of the mirror panel system is that it effectively uses your surroundings as a camouflage pattern, reflecting the area to blend into the environment. Instead of standing perfectly vertically, the GhostBlind Runner’s panels are angled slightly downward, reflecting sunlight toward the ground to avoid producing glare, potentially spooking your targets.

At just 26" tall and 8 lbs., the GhostBlind Runner is ideal for hunters on the move. Once deployed, all the hunter needs to do isget into a sitting or cross-legged position on the ground and wait for the target to come into range. The GhostBlind Runner is best suited for hunters with shotguns, rifles and crossbows. It should not be paired with a hunting chair because it is not tall enough to hide your profile.

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2. GhostBlind Phantom

TheGhostBlind Phantom is a larger model of the Runner, designed to offer more versatility without sacrificing the Runner’s primary advantages. It provides the perfect compromise between the concealment of a traditional ground blind and the lightweight factor of a portable blind. The GhostBlind Phantom has the same basic features and design but in a taller package, employing 35" tall panels instead of the Runner’s 26". The complete package weighs 10 lbs., just two more than the Runner, allowing you to fold it down and transport it using the included carry strap without it weighing you down.

If you are a bowhunter interested in the GhostBlind product lineup but found you couldn’t use the Runner, you may find the Phantom to be an ideal fit for you. It is tall enough to support a kneeling bowhunter with a recurve or a compound bow. Gun and crossbow hunters may also find the Phantom an attractive solution because it is tall enough to conceal you effectively, even when using a low-set chair.

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3. GhostBlind Predator

TheGhostBlind Predator is another evolution of the GhostBlind system and the tallest non-roofed model in the catalog. Bowhunting from a seated position requires two things: a little bit of training to get used to the stance, due to the differences with the traditional standing position, and a good hunting chair that doesn’t obstruct your movements. If you have both of those things, you may have found that the Runner or the Phantom do not conceal you effectively, as your chair must be at a certain height to let you sit in a proper, upright position.

With the GhostBlind Predator, you can shoot your recurve or compound bow just like you would ina traditional ground blind while still retaining the mobility and practicality of the GhostBlind system. The Predator uses four extra-large panels instead of the usual six, with each one being 46" tall (11" higher than the Phantom and 20" taller than the Runner). The complete setup weighs 12 lbs. and offers up to 102" of concealment when fully deployed. The wide shooting ports between each panel provide ample windows to shoot a bow, a crossbow, a rifle or a shotgun. Even then, the Predator system does not compromise your overall visibility, allowing you to remain aware of your surroundings and maintain a 360° field of view.

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No matter which GhostBlind model you choose, the mirrored panels’ highly modular and versatile nature allows you to blend in virtually anywhere, regardless of the season. After all, there is no camouflage pattern more efficient than the one that matches your environment. At Shadow Hunter Blinds, we are committed to innovating and attaining rigorous standards with all our products. Our professional-grade hunting blinds, such as the Marksman, Outdoorsman and GhostBlind, are designed to provide you with the best build quality, comfort and convenience.