Randy McKeever

Sales Engineer

Cell: (260) 433-6982

Office: (260) 408-1524

I’m Randy with Summit Outdoors. I was born and raised in Indiana where I have been hunting all my life. My passion for hunting has taken me to various regions in pursuit of game from timber wolf in -40° temperatures around the Hudson Bay, to chasing mule deer in the heat of the desert. Connecting with other hunters with the same passion and helping them decide which product is best for them is what I love doing.


Arlene Wedler

Senior Sales Assistant

I’m Arlene, Senior Sales Assistant for Summit Outdoors. I have been a team member for 7 years, helping customers along the way. I love the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping and spending time with family and friends. I enjoy talking with our customers about their adventures, and how we can help improve their experience with our products. We stand behind our products and I look forward to helping you.

Katy DeHaven

Sales Assistant

I’m Katy, Sales Assistant with Summit Outdoors. I’ve been with the company for over a year but I’ve worked in customer service since I was 16. I have really enjoyed learning about our products and our customers experiences in hunting with our products.