Jeremy Stewart

Sales Engineer

Cell: (260) 433-6982

Office: (260) 408-1524

I’m Jeremy, Sales Engineer with Summit Outdoors. Like yourself, I am a hunter with more than 40 years of experience with whitetails, turkey, and small game; and I have been out west on big game guided hunts, as well. I know the frustration and satisfaction that can come from a successful harvest.

As a fellow hunter, I know how important it is to be confident with my equipment. Here at Summit Outdoors, we take great pride in providing you with that confidence.

Jay Harter

Sales Engineer

Cell: (260) 710-4611

Office: (260) 408-1523

I’m Jay, Sales Engineer with Summit Outdoors since fall of 2021. My passion for the outdoors began at the age of eight with my 44-marlin, when I experienced my first deer harvest. Over the years since then I have hunted every season. My love for the chase has taken me across the country; hunting everything from Ducks in Arkansas to Antelope in New Mexico, and of course, white tail deer in my home state of Indiana. I’ve had the pleasure of honing my skills with rifle, recurve and crossbow and know the importance of being able to trust your equipment. Let’s make this season a comfortably successful one.


Arlene Wedler

Senior Sales Assistant

I’m Arlene, Senior Sales Assistant for Summit Outdoors. I have been a team member for 7 years, helping customers along the way. I love the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping and spending time with family and friends. I very much enjoy talking with our customers about their adventures, and how we can help improve their experience with our products. We stand behind our products and I look forward to helping you.

Katy DeHaven

Sales Assistant

I’m Katy, Sales Assistant with Summit Outdoors. I’ve been with the company for over a year but I’ve worked in customer service since I was 16. I have really enjoyed learning about our products and our customers experiences in hunting with our products.