All Shadow Hunter models are built to last from the outside in with commercial grade aluminum exteriors. Our blinds are engineered using industry leading state of the art construction methods that maximize structural integrity and tolerances for extreme durability. New designs feature one and two-piece aluminum roofs and exterior wall panels assembled with a minimal amount of fasteners for fewer voids and employ a waterproof, rodent resistant floor with acrylic, to eliminate penetration. Innovation that let’s you hunt like a Pro, the Silent Window Shield System further protects your vantage point by ensuring that scent and sound are contained. Finish off by getting even further ahead of the game and put your blind up off the ground with our versatile patented Elevators™ bracket system. You can now get up and down quicker and safer with the NEW Shadow Hunter Adjustable Ladder/Platform kit too.

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Comfortable, silent, warm and customizable - from the do-it-yourself Outdoorsman Series to the custom Outfitter Series, all of our blinds feature a 6’-5” peaked roof line and doors that start at 34” wide and at least 6’-5” tall. There’s plenty of room to share the hunt and the memories with a partner in a Shadow Hunter blind. They are carefully designed to accommodate all types of firearm, archery and crossbow hunting with additional space and larger window openings to allow for more optimal shooting. Each blind is fully insulated, minimizing the need for excess cold weather gear and extends the hunting season. Constructed with high quality materials and built to stand up to the toughest conditions, Shadow Hunter blinds promise to keep you comfortable so you can stay focused on your hunt.

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Not all blinds are created equal, so we make it very easy to create your custom Shadow Hunter Blind. Our patented Silent Shadow Window System is available for Gun, Archery, and Crossbow hunters. We also offer peek windows, flip windows, and smoked glass upgrades. Other features and upgrades include Wheelchair Accessible blinds, premium locking doors, additional carpeting, and interior accessories. Best of all, our Blinds work perfectly with our heavy-duty welded steel Elevator brackets to elevate your blind up to 10’.

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