GhostBlind Predator Ground Blind | Hunting Blind

GhostBlind Predator Ground Hunting Blind - How Does It Work? MIRRORS!!

It's Like Having Thousands of Camo Patterns in One Blind! Design Eliminates Any Unwanted Sun Reflections & Animal Movement! GhostBlind’s® design reflects the sun down to the ground. The GhostBlind® Predator is a  (4 panel blind) with shoot-through ports that allow the hunter to shoot from a seated position.

Can be used with gun, compound bow, cross bow or traditional bow


Predator Blind

The #1 Selling GhostBlind

"What a fantastic product!!! Set up almost anywhere in 5 min or less and be ready for the kill shot. Had deer walking within 10 yards of me, they had no clue I was even there. Thank you. What an amazing piece of equipment. A real difference maker!!"

Mike S.