GhostBlind Phantom - Ground Blind | Hunting Blind

GhostBlind Phantom (6 Panel) Ground Hunting Blind. How does it work? MIRRORS!! It's like having thousands of camo patterns in one blind! Design eliminates any unwanted sun reflections & animal movement! GhostBlind’s® design reflects the sun down to the ground. Phantom Blind is for hunters that like to sit comfortably in a low profile chair and is designed primarily for gun and crossbow.

Great ground blind for Turkey hunting!

Includes: Phantom 6 Panel Blind, 1.5” carry strap, 4 tent stakes, 4 tie-downs, and 2 bungee cords.

Ghostblind Phantom Blind

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"I have used a Ghostblind for years. They work as advertised! Very easy to carry and set up. I can't count the number of deer, turkeys, and other critters that I've had just milling around mere feet from me."

Terry F.