USA Made Elevator Tower, Stair, Platform

Universal to all Shadow Hunter Blinds, DIY built blinds, pop-up blinds, and other blind brands, the USA Made Elevator Tower, Stair, and Platform is made with supreme quality powder-coated steel and adjustable feet for leveling. The new Platform is directly attachable to both the steel Tower and a wood DIY tower alongside the Elevator Brackets, making it universal no matter how you choose to elevate your blind!


The tower is 8' in height and has an adjustable frame to accommodate any size blind up to 8' in length and up to 6' wide, making it truly universal for all your blind needs!  With a load capacity of 1,800 lbs. and its USA-made quality, you are looking at the supreme blind elevation system.  The tower can easily be assembled by 2 people in one hour and tipped up by 2-3 people.


Stair Platform
The one-piece, powder-coated steel 42”x36” platform makes your entrance and exit into your blind simple, with plenty of room to maneuver with the door open or shut. Climb easily into your blind with a reversible handrail (left or right-handed) and an angled stair system that features treaded steps, making you feel more secure, whether you have ice on the steps, mud on your boots, or gear in your hand. The Stair and Platform is an easy 10-minute assembly.