Shadow Hunter 5x6 Octagon Hunting Blind

All the same premium features of the Shadow Hunter Marksman® octagon hunting blinds but with a slightly scaled-down profile.

The 5x6 size is perfect for up to two people and all types of hunting. Ideal for bringing a companion or young hunting buddy along with plenty of room for gear and to move about. The three 24.5” x 14” universal side windows offer plenty of viewing and shooting options. The corner octagon archery windows also make this blind versatile for the bow hunter and offers 360° viewing and shooting ability for the later gun or muzzleloader seasons.

USA Made
360° Views
Exclusive 2-Panel Blackout Window System
Built in Drip Edges
Air Flow System
Aluminum Exterior with 2 Layer Paint Process & UV Coating
Insulated Panels
Interior Blackout Barrier
Scent Block & Sound Barrier Layer
Critter Guard
Lightweight & Easy to Elevate

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"I hunted 65 days out of a possible 66 days through archery, rifle and muzzleloader seasons. I sneezed with 4 doe just 10 yards away from the blind, and they didn't even flinch. I am a carpenter for 45 years and thought of building one myself. I priced everything out, and to figure my time and to finish it was well over the cost of this unit. My wife calls it my retirement home. She may be right!"