What Is a Ground Blind?

August 23, 2021 4 min read

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After acquiring a hunting license from your state and familiarizing yourself with the local department of game and fisheries rules and regulations, the next step is to strategize to make the best out of your hunting expedition. Stealth and concealment are key when hunting. While a tree stand offers an exceptional vantage point to get a better shot at your prey, these structures are not always practical, as suitable trees may be far away from lush pastures, waterholes or game trails where animals frequent. 

A ground blind provides an excellent alternative, allowing you to set up at almost any location on the hunting grounds. The innovative camouflage tent conceals you from prey, offering ample scent control and protection against the elements. You can also take your time aiming at the animal to take a more humane shot. Ground blinds come in different styles and sizes. You can find hub-style ground blinds that are available in sizes that can accommodate about four people. The type you select is based on what you plan to use it for during your hunting expedition. If you hunt as a group, a larger permanent structure is necessary to accommodate everyone’s gear. 

Ground blinds are available in many exterior camo patterns, and they usually have a black interior to ensure the hunter is well concealed inside. For example, you canget a mirror hunting blind that conceals gun and bow hunters using a set of specifically designed panels, which have surfaces that reflect the surrounding environment, creating custom camouflage while hunting.  Here are the pros and cons of using a ground blind as a hunter.

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Pros of Ground Blinds

1. Weather Protection

Harsh atmospheric elements such as rain, winds blowing at over 40 miles an hour, extreme sun, and cold or a snowstorm can drain your energy and make it nearly impossible for you to go home with juicy wild meat to stock your freezer. Ground blinds can be made from a variety of materials, from polyester to aluminum. The Shadow Hunter Blinds Marksman series of ground blinds are made from lightweight composite panels with rugged aluminum siding coated with a weather- and temperature-resistant sealant to shield you from elements and keep you cool. 

2. Spacious Spot

Ground blinds provide a dark interior space to hide in plain sight from prey. Additionally, the space is adequate to allow you to comfortablyuse a hunter’s chair while leaving room for drawing a bow or a gun to take aim whenever an animal strolls into sight. Depending on the size of the blind, the tent allows you to have children, friends or partners along for the hunt. You can install shelves and storage units to organize your hunting essentials and rig slings to hold weapons securely. Group hunting with family and friends lets you build lasting memories to be cherished.

3. Optimal Concealment

Wild animals and birds havehighly developed auditory and visual sensory modes to perceive your presence. This puts you at a disadvantage while hunting because these senses make it challenging to approach prey stealthily to get close enough to take your shot. However, setting up your ground blind several weeks before the hunting season starts allows the animals to get accustomed to the structure and perceive it as a part of the environment, providing you with the ideal form of concealment.

However, ground blind concealment success depends largely on how you camouflage the blind. Brushing in with local flora is useful, but a simpler way to be undetectable is to use a Ghost Blind. Ghost Blinds are portable ground blinds constructed from several mirrored panels set up in a semi-circle around the hunter. The panels reflect the surrounding environment to seamlessly blend it. The panels are angled so the animals cannot see their reflection and get spooked. 

4. Easy to Set Up

Lightweight, portable Ghost Blinds are ideal for use in public hunting lands or locations where you can’t set up weeks beforehand. The panels fold and come with a bag for easy carry, and the blind comes with bungee cords and anchors, enabling you to set up your blind in minutes. Before securing the structure to the ground so that it does not get blown away, you should ensure that the position of the see-through windows faces the direction where the animals are most likely to go. The apertures give you perfect visibility and easy weapon access to take your shot. 

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Cons of Ground Blinds

1. Shooting is Louder in Enclosed Spaces

If you are used to shooting your bow and arrow in the open, doing the same in an enclosed ground blind may feel loud. Ear protection is critical when hunting in a ground blind. 

2. Can Be Confining

If you prefer open spaces, a ground blind may feel constraining. However, a model with ample windows or a partially open blind like a Ghost Blind can minimize feelings of confinement. 

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