5 Benefits of Using a Mirror Hunting Blind

June 16, 2021 4 min read

a man sitting behind a mirror hunting blind

Mirror hunting blinds conceal bow and gun hunters using a set of specially constructed panels with surfaces that reflect the surrounding environment, providing camouflage in a new and unexpected way while hunting. If you’re wondering whether you should try mirror hunting blinds, discover what advantages they have over a traditional ground blind or a tree stand and how they can dramatically improve the chances of success on your next hunting trip.

1. Fully Matching Camouflage

Generic (albeit realistic) camo patterned blinds resemble but never truly match your environment. Mirror blinds employ a set of panels that are placed at an angle, reflecting the ground in front of them and taking on their exact appearance. In other words, mirror blinds effectively give you custom camouflage, so you always match your surroundings perfectly.

Because the mirror system reflects the exact environment around you, the game animals simply do not notice the difference, eliminating the need to brush in, allowing for more effective concealment. When correctly installed, the mirror panels are slightly angled forward, helping ensure that animals do not see and get scared by their reflection unless they approach within 3-4 feet, giving you ample time to take aim and make the shot.

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2. Suitable for All Hunters

Regardless of the game you’re hunting or your weapon of choice, if you can hunt it from a traditional ground blind or a tree stand, you can hunt it from a mirror blind. Hunters have successfully used mirror blinds to take down deer, elk, hog, coyote, turkey, upland birds and various other species. In addition, the shooting ports between each panel allow you to use guns, bows or crossbows.

Some models may be more suitable for specific weapons than others, depending on the design, height and shooting position. For example, you may have difficulties using a bow from a seated position, in which case you may prefer using a taller blind model capable of concealing you when standing.

a man carrying a hunting blind

3. Easy to Set Up and Transport

Because mirror blind kits are sets of flat panels, they are easy to unfold for installation and easy to fold back for transportation. Depending on the model, the entire mirror blind package weighs 8.5 to 12 lbs., making it possible to transport on foot and eliminating the need to relocate blinds using a vehicle. Once you have found a suitable location, installing the mirror deer blind couldn’t be more straightforward; the setup process takes one to two minutes at most. Not only does it make setting up your blind lightning quick, but it also allows you to adjust and relocate within minutes, granting you unparalleled mobility and the ability to choose the best hunting location.

4. Durable and Weatherproof

Mirror blind panels differ from the glass mirrors you might find in your house. Instead of glass, they employ lightweight fluted plastic materials designed to resist wear and tear from exposure to the elements. In addition, each panel is rated for several years of use, letting you use them across numerous seasons. The mirror panels do not break or shatter and, when exposed to rain, the water simply runs down to the bottom to not disrupt the reflection’s clarity. Though they do not have the perfect, crystal-clear reflection of glass mirrors, this property is unnecessary as game animals cannot discern the same range of colors and details as humans.

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5. Customizable and Configurable

Depending on the model, a mirror blind can conceal most of your body when seated on the ground or a hunting chair. You can also augment many mirror blind models with non-reflective extra-height panels if you want maximum concealment. The most common configuration for mirror blinds is closed; you stand or sit in the middle of the panels, which reflect the ground and environment all around you and keep you concealed even from animals coming from behind. Alternatively, if you are relatively confident that no animals can see you from behind, you can use a semi-circular or open configuration. When configured this way, your mirror blind only conceals you from one side, but it can theoretically allow multiple hunters to stand or sit behind it.

6. Great for Kids

Adult hunters who bring their young children on a hunt can use mirror blinds as a safer alternative to tree stands. Depending on your childrens’ height, the mirror blinds conceal most if not all of their body from the animal’s view even as they are standing. It is also more open than a traditional ground blind, keeping a full 360° field of view of the nature surrounding them open. In addition, the mobility and ease of reconfiguration allow you to transport the mirror blind to keep you and your kids on the move.

a mirror hunting blind

Final Considerations

Shadow Hunter Blinds offers a wide range of professional-grade hunting blinds and blind accessories, including the GhostBlind mirror blind system. All Shadow Hunter products are proudly manufactured 100% in the United States, used and approved by the nation’s top hunting enthusiasts. For any questions regarding the Shadow Hunter GhostBlind or any of our products, call us at (888) 446-4868. We are always happy to assist our customers!