Hunting Blind Window Ideas & Advice

January 15, 2021 4 min read

No matter if you’re a gun or bow hunter or prefer to be among the trees or on the ground, hunting blinds offer many advantages while hunting big and small game. These cover devices range from permanent to portable to pop-up and come in various designs, from simple to complex. 

When setting up your hunting blind, one of the most important elements is your window layout. Depending on what type of animal you are hunting and what terrain you’re hunting in, there are many window designs and window kit options you can choose from to enhance your visibility and shooting range. Here arehunting blind window ideas and advice to help you find the best hunting blind setup. 

Hunting Blind Window Ideas

Window Types and Installation Ideas

Hunting blinds come in a wide range of designs and can be customized to suit your personal hunting preferences and needs. Regardless of what setup you prefer, having the right window application is paramount in order to give you maximum visibility in your hunting endeavors and minimize your exposure to potential prey. Here is a handful of go-to hunting blind window types and their general uses. 

  • Single Hung Window

This vertical-style window has one sash that moves and one that’s fixed, to allow the window to be locked in closed or open positions, and it can be mounted from the inside or outside. Using it in your deer blind can help give you extra visibility, or you can remove the screen to convert it into a rifle window. 

  • Hinge Window

Hinge windows are an economical option for most hunting blinds. Depending on your stand, they can be mounted to flip up and out or out and down and remain in the open position with the use of a thumb latch. They can also be installed so that the window hinge opens to the left or right, providing a useful vertical opening for bow hunting. No matter which way you choose to install it, hinge windows can help protect the interior of your blind from pests andhelp block the wind while giving you good visibility over any prey.

  • Slider Window

Another popular window option is a slider window. These windows are mounted horizontally, giving you the option to open either end. You can also lift both sashes to allow you to access the entire opening for an even greater range of vision. 

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Window Kit Options

Once you know which window types best suit your hunting style and prey, you can look into window kits fordeer stand windows and other types of hunting blinds. When you pair window kits from us with our customizable blinds, you can equip your hunting blind with the perfect layout for premium functionality. 

If you prefer a long horizontal window setup for crossbow hunting, with added foam padding for silent and fluid movement, you can equip your stand with acrossbow window kit. This kit also offers a handy black outer shield, which can protect you from the elements and keep unwanted pests out, and an aluminum exterior drip cap. 

If you’re a gun hunter, you can install atwo-pack gun window kit. Complete with double shields, drip caps, and more, this do-it-yourself kit is easy to install and provides you with the durability you need for use all season long. Depending on how many windows your blind configuration allows, the more windows you can add, the greater your sight and shooting range will be for all your hunting adventures. 

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Glass Treatment

Along with what shape, size, and method of opening and closing your windows you prefer, consider what type of glass or window tint you use to give you an advantage over your prey. While many hunters use traditional clear windows, gray and camo tints and films are becoming increasingly popular. 

You can get windows that are pre-treated with gray or camo tints or you can apply films made of one-way, see-through material that appears solid from the outside of your blind. Using tinted windows can help conceal your movement and silhouette inside the blind, especially if your blind has windows on all sides and your prey can see through one window and out the other. 

If you already have clear windows all around your blind and don’t want to invest in window films, it may be beneficial to use dark or camo curtains on the windows at the back of the blinds to help provide more concealment. 

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The Takeaway

If you spend a fair amount of timehunting from a blind, having a solid window layout can make a big difference in your hunting experience. By installing the window types that best suit your preferred method of hunting, you can enjoy protection from the wind and pests so you can focus on your prey. And, with more windows throughout your blind, you’ll enjoy a greater range of sight and increased visibility to help you target your game. By opting for tinted or wrapped windows, you can also better camouflage your movements and go undetected by your prey. 

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