Product Spotlight: Marksman Series Hunting Blinds

January 11, 2021 4 min read

Every hunter has their own tricks and tactics that they’ve honed over years of experience and advice from peers. However, many veteran hunters are big advocates of hunting blinds, which can provide an optimal vantage point for viewing prey and, ultimately, lead to a more successful hunting experience. Let’s explore some benefits of hunting blinds, and then spotlight one of the most impressive blind ranges on the market: theMarksman Series hunting blinds

Why You Should Use Hunting Blinds

Whether you’re using a permanent or a portable model, hunting blinds offer significant advantages for hunters, including:

  • Concealment

Hunting blinds keep you concealed from prey, so you can avoid spooking the wildlife. This is ideal for sparse landscapes or for those who like to hunt with kids who are still learning about the importance of stealth.

  • Protection from the Elements

Hunters love spending time in the great outdoors. However, inclement weather or abundant bug populations can quickly turn an exciting expedition into an uncomfortable experience. Although you can protect yourself to a certain degree from the rain or sun, bug spray can alert the wildlife to your presence. Even with the best waterproof gear, when the weather takes a turn, you’ll be thankful for yourdeer blind.

  • Tower Blinds Offer a Great Vantage Point

Being higher up gives you much wider sightlines of the surrounding wildlife. For bow hunters, being at an elevated standpoint also provides a more dynamic shot angle. 

  • Scent Control

There are severaltried-and-true scent control tactics, such as showering with fragrance-free soap before a hunt, but using hunting blinds is one of the best ways to contain your scent, especially if you hunt in a group.

  • Space

Hunting blinds allow you and your party to spread out and set up your gear just the way you want it, without affecting your chances of being noticed. Permanent blinds are also a great place to store supplies during the season, which reduces the amount you have to carry on each hunt.

Why We Love Marksman Series Hunting Blinds

Although hunting blinds can be extremely beneficial, certain features take blinds from useful to game-changing. The Marksman Series offers some of the best blinds around, which include many of these essential characteristics: 

  • Marksman Series Blinds Are Quiet

Noise reduction is as key to staying concealed from prey as visual cover and scent containment, and it can be challenging to achieve if you’re hunting with friends or family. With the Marksman Series blinds, features such as fully insulated walls and ceilings, silent window systems, and carpeted floors, ensure that you don’t have to worry about scaring off game with your footsteps or conversation. 

  • Marksman Series Blinds Offer an Exceptional Field of View

A good hunting blind doesn’t just hide the hunter from the game; it ensures the hunter has an unobstructed view of their prey. Marksman blinds are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from octagons to rectangular boxes, but each has one of the best shooting-window systems available on the market. Marksman blinds give you the greatest shooting advantage with 360° sight and shooting range and multiple window types, such as vertical corner windows and horizontal gun windows.

Marksman blinds’ range of windows also makes them suitable for all kinds of hunting, from gun to archery and crossbow. The Marksman 6×6 Octagon Combo Hunting Blind features four over-sized  34″ x 10″ Shadow Hunter Silent Gun/Crossbow Windows with shooting rails paired with four 8″ x 24.5″ vertical corner windows for optimum visibility. 

  • Marksman Series Blinds Are Durable

If you hunt in areas that experience extreme weather, from heavy snowfalls to harsh summer heat, you needa hunting blind that can withstand bad weather without being replaced or repaired every season. Marksman blinds are built in the USA with multi-layer construction and state-of-the-art materials that make them durable and lightweight. Characteristics such as the commercial-grade waterproof acrylic floor coating and rust-proof aluminum exteriors mean you can rest assured knowing your blind will last for years.

  • Marksman Series Blinds Are Comfortable and Convenient

During the hunting season, you may spend hours in your blind, so it’s essential that it is comfortable to use and discreet. Features like storage shelves, coat hooks, universal firearm, and compound bow holders, and full insulation make it clear that Marksman blinds have been designed by people who know what hunters want.

Besides offering combo hunting blinds, the Marksman Series includes blinds specifically tailored for different types of hunting, such as the Marksman 6X6 Octagon Archery Hunting Blind, which boasts features such as a ceiling-mounted bow holder and skillfully designed vertical windows in various sizes and angles. 

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The Takeaway

When searching for the right blind, think about what features and functions are most important to you, your typical hunting ground, and the gear you carry. The superior quality and thoughtful features that characterize Marksman hunting blinds make them ideal for solo and group hunters in a diverse range of landscapes. If you’re looking for a high-performance blind that will last for years, look no further than the Marksman Series hunting blinds.

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