9 Benefits of Using an Elevated Hunting Blind

January 06, 2021 4 min read

If you’re a seasoned hunter, you may have been faced with the choice between ground blinds and elevated hunting blinds. There are distinctive benefits to hunting from an elevated stand, including heightened safety, increased stealth, and a 360˚ view. On top of the more valuable assets that elevated blinds offer, you will also make incredible memories with your family and friends. Here are the nine benefits of using an elevated hunting blind.


1. Increased Safety

When you’re off the ground, you don’t have to worry about ground-dwelling threats. Some areas, like Texas and the South, are home to many types of venomous snakes. An elevated tree stand keeps you far above anything that might get at you on the ground level. Another safety benefitis that any missed shots won’t travel parallel to the ground, possibly hitting other hunters and posing a safety hazard. In a blind, your missed attempt will go straight into the dirt.

2. Better Visibility

When you’re up above the brush, you have a different perspective than when you’re standing on the ground. Hunting from ground blinds means your view is often impeded by bushes, leaves, and branches. 

When your prey is meandering toward you, unaware of your presence, you want to have a clear view for sure success. Hunting from an elevated blind gives you the vantage point you need to make a clear shot.

3. Scent Control

Hunting while elevated helps to keep your scent above and out of the direct path of ground dwelling animals.  Your scent also disperses quickly on the wind. The human scent that alarm your prey are diffused and not as easily perceivable to approaching animals. What this means is your prey won’t know that you’re there until it is too late.

4. Sound-Dampening

An elevated blind helps to muffle anysounds coming from you or anyone else in the blind. Noise discipline is one of a hunter’s most challenging yet vital attributes, butand things don’t always go according to plan. Sounds that are mistakenly made while you are waiting for your prey to appear will be reduced or silenced by the blind, and less likely to alarm bucks coming your way.


5. 360˚ View

Not only can you see what’s in front of you when you’re in an elevated hunting blind platform, but you can also see what’s behind and all around you as well. An experienced hunter knows the better you can see, the less likely you are to miss an opportunity.  Sometimes opportunity happens fast and by being elevated you can get into position faster without being detected and make a better shot that would often slip by unnoticed. 

6. Great for Bowhunters

Bowhunters probably have the most to benefit from when hunting while elevated.  In addition to the reduction of scent & noise, movement to draw your bow and avoiding detection is allot easier.  When shooting from a high angle, your arrow’s exit wound is lower, which often leaves a better blood trail. Being up and above brush with clear shooting lanes will reduce the risk of unseen branches and unwanted arrow deflection. 

7. Protection from the Elements

Waiting patiently on the ground or in a portable ground blind can be very uncomfortable, and the from the damp ground can make you cold very quickly. When you’re hunting in an elevated blind, you will be out of the wind, rain, hail, or snow. This keeps you warmer and drier, ensuring that you will be able to sit longer in total comfort and spend more time hunting.  On those freeing cold days, a small heater will ensure you are still outdoors and waiting when a late season giant to steps out into a winter food source at last light.

8. Inconspicuous

Unlike ground blinds, which need to be set up and taken down for every hunting adventure, elevated hunting blinds are permanent structures. Not only is this more convenient when it comes to staking out your hunting area, but it also allows the local wildlife to become accustomed to the structure as part of the landscape. By making your blind inconspicuous, your prey will not perceive you as a threat, approaching closer and making it easier to take a successful shot.  

9. A Family Affair

Memories with family and friends can be made in an elevated hunting stand. Early mornings or days spent in a deer stand brings you closer together. You can use this time to pass along traditions and teach your children and friends valuable and life-long hunting skills. Looking back they will remember the exciting and memorable times spent with you in the elevated blind. Beyond the thrill of tagging a buck, every new hunter will remember all and appreciate what you taught and their time spent together in the stand.

In Closing

If you want to elevate your hunting game, a deer blind raised off the ground helps keeps your scent down muffles any sounds you make, and brings you close to your family and friends. Elevated blinds are also safer and keep you warmer and drier than other hunting setups. For the sturdiest and most comfortable deer blinds around, contact Shadow Hunter BlindsWe will keep you outdoors hunting longer and more comfortably.

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