Bow Sighting with Tom Nelson

May 17, 2017 2 min read

American Archer Bow Sighting

Presented by Shadow Hunter Blinds

Spring and early summer is often the time that novice along with veteran bowhunters decide to purchase a new bow. When we leave the store with a new bow in hand it is usually accessorized with a bow sight, arrow rest and other must have items. Once back home with his or her new bow it is time to sight the bow in. This is not a difficult process, IF you know how to adjust the sight correctly.

First and foremost, before ever leaving the store, make sure your bow and your arrows are properly tuned. A bow that is out of adjustment and not properly tuned will never shoot correctly and accurately. If your bow is tuned and arrows properly spined to your bow weight and draw length, place yourself up close to your target. I generally stand 5-10 yards away. Aiming at the middle of my target I release an arrow. If my arrow shoots high and left, I adjust my sight pin high and left. Basically chasing my arrow. This adjustment moves my arrow back towards the center of the target.

Once I have my arrows hitting the target where I want them at this close range I step back to 20 and repeat the process. Generally there is not much adjustment needed to re-sight the bow at 20 yards. Again, just move the sight pin in the direction of where your arrow is hitting away from the bullseye. It is often best to take a few shots just to be sure the arrows are consistent in their grouping.

After you are sighted in at 20 yards you can move back to 30, 40, etc. and sight in pins for those further yardages. Keep in mind that everyone has an effective range that they are accurate up to. Shooting at a target and a deer are two different things. Be sure to limit yourself to yardages that you can consistently shoot good tight groupings.

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