5 Tips to Hunting in Florida

February 25, 2022 4 min read

a hunter standing up from behind a mirrored ground blind

Florida has bountiful hunting opportunities because of its large populations of deer, wild hogs, turkey and waterfowl. If you aren’t afraid of the heat and humidity or you want to make a winter hunting trip, Florida is the ideal location. Two of the most common hunts in Florida are deer and turkey hunts. Florida has large numbers of these animals, which provide sustainable harvest opportunities. Preparing for a deer or turkey hunt involves five key tips to hunting in Florida, including regulation information and the effectiveness of hunting blinds in Florida. 

Deer Hunting in Florida

There is a stable population of around 700,000 white-tailed deer in Florida, and the state sells licenses and permits for deer hunting. Once you obtain all the necessary documentation, you are left to plan your hunt and punch your tag. The skittish nature of deer makes them difficult prey if you are not outfitted with the right gear like an elevated deer blind. Follow these tips to give yourself the best chance at bagging a deer in Florida.

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1. Be Aware of Deadlines

Florida requires deer hunters to get a general hunting license, a deer permit and season-specific permits, including an archery season permit, crossbow season permit and a muzzleloader season permit. Both permits for the kind of deer (antlered or antlerless) and the season you hunt in have restrictions and quotas that limit the number of permits. Applications for these permits have deadlines that you need to be aware of to qualify for the chance to win a permit. For instance, the antlerless deer permits have four deadlines that you choose from depending on the location of your hunt. 

2. Consider Public Hunting Opportunities

Florida has one of the largest Wildlife Management Area (WMA) systems in the United States, with over six million acres of public land open to hunting. There are special game hunts, quota hunts and non-quota hunts available. You need a Florida hunting license and a WMA permit for all public hunts. Depending on the species and the related quotas, you may need other permits as well. 

a group of hunters setting up an elevated hunting blind

3. Use Deer Blinds

Deer are highly sensitive to sound, smell and movement, so getting into the perfect position is no easy task which is only made harder by the Florida climate. Deer blinds enable hunters to tag a deer without tracking and stalking the animal in hot, humid weather. An elevated or grounded hunting blind conceals hunters. When placed in the proper position, such as pinch points, crossings and feeding areas, deer will put themselves in range for a clean shot. 

Elevated deer blinds like the Outdoorsman 5x6 Octagon Hunting Blind help you avoid detection by concealing smells, movements and sounds. The windows accommodate bows and guns, and they open silently to maintain stealth in the critical moments before you take your shot. The interior is built for comfort with 1" thick foam insulation to keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it's cold. With its high heat and numerous ground critters, Florida hunting is perfect for a hunt from an elevated deer blind. 

Florida Turkey Hunting

Spring turkey hunting in Florida is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Florida has large populations of turkeys, so they offer relatively large sustainable harvest opportunities. If you score a turkey permit, make sure you don’t eat your tag by first scouting an area and setting up a well-placed portable hunting blind

4. Use Aerial Maps to Scout Pre-Hunt

Turkeys have superb eyesight and are extremely smart animals. This makes them challenging prey for hunters trying to bag a gobbler. Scouting turkey habitat gives you an advantage in finding turkey the day of the hunt. Turkeys like to stay in low areas close to water and clearings within forested areas. Look at an aerial map to locate suitable turkey habitat before setting out on your hunt.

a hunter with a crossbow sitting behind a mirrored ground blind

5. Conceal Yourself with a Ground Blind

Once you arrive at the pre-scouted location, set up a GhostBlind Ground Blind Runner for camouflage to conceal you from the keen eyes of a turkey. GhostBlind ground blinds use mirror panels to reflect location-specific camouflage to your prey while deflecting sunlight to the ground. The GhostBlind Runner is perfect for a mobile hunter who uses a gun or crossbow. The whole setup weighs 8 lbs. and is easy to break down, so you do not have to commit to a single location. Once you find the right spot, you can trust this ground blind to keep ]turkeys within range for an ethical shot.

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Hunt Deer and Turkey in Florida for an Unforgettable Experience

Hunting in Florida is an excellent opportunity to tag deer, turkey and unique species like alligators and Burmese pythons. If you research the necessary permits and deadlines and plan ahead, your time hunting in Florida will be memorable. The best way to learn about hunting in Florida is to get out on a hunt. At Shadow Hunter Blinds, we offer high-quality elevated and ground blinds for every kind of hunt. Contact us to learn more and read our blog to stay up-to-date on the latest hunting news and technology.