Summertime Prep for Fall Hunting

August 23, 2022 2 min read

With hunting seasons just a few months away, summer is crunchtime for preparing for fall. If you haven’t started already, get moving now on these time-sensitive to-dos:

Gather Intel

Do some e-scouting, glass fields, put boots on the ground, and hang your trail cams to take inventory of deer in the area and develop a game plan for the fall. You can adjust your ambush sites, add more, or go back to the drawing board based on the intel you gather.

Brush Up Your Blind Setup

Make sure your hunting blind is clean, clear off any fallen branches, and perform any necessary maintenance to ensure your blind is ready to hunt come opening morning. Trim trees that have grown into your shooting lanes so you’ll have a clear shot and won’t have to worry about an arrow deflecting.

Plant Food Plots

While some food plots are best planted in the spring, others should be planted in the summer for fall production. Growing a high-quality food plot near your hunting blind is one of the best ways to ensure you’re keeping deer in the area and you’ll get a shot opportunity.

Inspect & Finalize Your Gear

Perform a gear check, making note of any items you need to repair or replace. Make sure your bow is properly tuned, and if you’re going to make any accessory swaps, do so as soon as possible.

Get in Lots of Practice

Once you have your rig ready to go, aim for daily practice sessions — even if you only have time to fire a few arrows each day. Be sure to practice just as you’ll hunt. If your blind is elevated, practice from an elevated position. If you’ll be seated when shooting in the blind, practice while sitting in a chair.