Spring Food Plotting

March 10, 2017 1 min read

Hunt Masters Spring Food Plot Planting

Presented by Shadow Hunter Blinds

By Gregg Ritz

You hear the term often, but it really is true: when it comes to hunting success, there is no off season. Food plots are critical to the health and growth of your herd and now is the time to start planting.

Before you start, test the soil for the dirt’s nutrients and pH levels. This will tell you exactly which plants will thrive and offer the most benefits to the deer. The cornerstone for my food plot strategy is clover.
Deer Hunting Food PlotsThe deer will dine on this nearly year-round and is one of the easiest food plots to establish and maintain. For my late winter kill plots, I look for a Brassica blend such as Frost Line by Arrow Seed which is a combo of turnips, radishes and rape. In states where supplemental feeding is allowed, this is a great way to fortify your deer herd with the trace minerals and nutrients necessary for optimal antler growth. The success of your deer season comes down to the preparation and work you put in during the early season, which includes planning the placement of your Shadow Hunter blind location into your food plot/hunting strategy.

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