4 Turkey Hunting Mistakes to Avoid This Spring

April 27, 2022 2 min read

GhostBlind Turkey Hunting

With the excitement of spring gobbler season upon us, do not blow an opportunity by making one of these common mistakes.

1. Calling Too Early, Calling Too Much, or Calling Just Plain Badly

You might be able to get away with less than stellar calling skills, but you will not get away with poor timing, overdoing it, or completely butchering bird sounds. Strategic calling can get gobblers fired up and bring them in, but it can be tough to strike the perfect balance.

  • Hold off on calling during first light, especially if you are certain birds are roosted close by. Being too eager might cause birds to clam up.
  • Avoid calling more than the gobbler you are after. Overcalling could make him extra wary.
  • You do not have to be a championship caller to draw in Toms, but you should practice cadence, tone, volume, and different sounds to mimic the real thing.
2. Getting Lazy

Day after day of chasing Toms can get exhausting, but do not give up or slack off. Putting in a little extra effort can mean the difference between a turkey dinner and tag soup.

  • Take the time to hit hot spots the evening before a hunt and try to roost some birds. 
  • Whether you’re running and gunning or posting up in a ground blind, pay attention and resist the urge to nod off because these birds can come in quiet. If sitting on the ground, use a premium cushion like the TailMate® GelCore™ to help you stay comfortable and sit still longer.
  • Sometimes you need to get aggressive, especially in the final hours of the season when birds have already been educated. Do not be afraid to sneak in when the moment’s right. While it is always good to be patient, don’t be complacent.
3. Underestimating Birds

Wild turkeys are cagey creatures and can be tough to fool.

  • Don’t just place your decoys anywhere… make sure there is a method to use the right setup for your situation.
  • Stay concealed and minimize movement. With incredibly powerful eyesight and a wide field of vision, wild turkeys can spot anything amiss. Cover every possible inch of your body with camo and/or face paint and avoid detection with a smart setup like with the GhostBlind® Phantom™ ground blind. 
4. Sleeping In

While you can certainly still kill a gobbler at other times throughout the day, intercepting one right off the roost will give you the best odds of bagging a bird.

Wake up early and get to your spot with plenty of time to spare before first light. Use a locator call if necessary to reposition and set up. Nothing beats hearing that morning thunder.