August 15, 2022 2 min read

Setting up your deer hunting blind along a food source such as a lush plot loaded with protein is a great way to guarantee you see action all season long.


If you haven’t already started, now is the perfect time to plan out a food plot strategy that will keep deer on your property and grow them big.


Do the Prep Work

Before you begin planting, conduct a simple soil test to know what will perform best and what nutrients it might be lacking. You can treat the soil accordingly with fertilizer and/or lime once the ground is prepped.


You’ll want to start with a clean slate, so clear out brush, weeds, and other vegetation before tilling the ground. Depending on the conditions and your schedule, you can use an herbicide to wipe out unwanted growth. 


Don’t Skimp on Quality

While you can find bargain food plot seed in just about any farm or feed supply store, spending a few more bucks on the good stuff will pay dividends down the road. Invest in high-quality seed specifically designed to produce tonnage that’s palatable to deer.


You also shouldn’t skimp on seed quantity, but it’s important to avoid over-seeding as well. Make sure you take accurate measurements before purchasing and planting seed.


Tailor Your Approach

What works for bowhunters on a Northeastern back 40 won’t cut it for Southern rifle hunters with thousands of acres to consider.


Tailor your approach to your region, property, bandwidth, and hunting style. You can opt for annuals or perennials and choose between food plot mixes that will provide nutrition all season long or ones that will only attract deer for a limited amount of time.


Position Your Blind

Set up your hunting blind early so deer can get used to it, then cause as little disruption as possible. Rather than sticking your blind out in the open, opt for a spot out of the deer's field of vision along the edge of the food plot.


It’s never too early to start strategizing your fall food plot plan. A little elbow grease and investment now could reap huge benefits come hunting season!