4 Best Deer Blinds for Every Hunter

May 10, 2021 3 min read

a hunter walking towards a blind's ladder

Deer blinds are a crucial part of hunting, especially if you’re in locations with open areas and little shelter. Deer have sensitive eyes and will stay on high alert when they detect the slightest bit of movement. The extra shade provided by the blind also helps keep you comfortable and protects you from the elements for a more enjoyable hunting experience. A deer blind should be set up a few months ahead of time, if possible, to get the deer used to its presence. Because of this prolonged exposure to the elements, it needs to be highly durable. Cheap tents can end up with water, dirt and bugs inside before the start of the season. A professional-grade blind is the best solution for anyone who wants to stay concealed and comfortable. Here are the 4 best deer blinds hunters can use during any season.

1. Best Overall: Shadow Hunter Marksman 6x6 Octagon Combo Hunting Blind

The Marksman series of hunting blinds is built to hold multiple people, making it perfect for outings with small groups of family and friends. Its interior peak height of 77” means it’s comfortable enough for tall hunters.

It’s durably built with insulated walls and rodent-proof carpeted flooring. The waterproof lining on the floor also helps protect the blind from dampness underneath the unit or water that gets tracked in. Since it ships fully assembled, you don’t have to worry about making sure all the small pieces are properly installed.

The 6x6 combo has four oversized horizontal windows designed for both gun and crossbow hunters and vertical windows in the corners for bow hunters. It also has upper and lower vents to keep you comfortable even when you need to keep most of the windows closed.

the shadow hunter outdoorsman

2. Best for Small Spaces: Shadow Hunter Outdoorsman 4x6 Combo Hunting Blind

Although most hunters take advantage of the wide open space of the outdoors to get a larger blind, some terrain and prime hunting spots need a blind with a smaller footprint. This 4’ x 6’ rectangular blind has the same durable construction as our other deer blinds but with a footprint that squeezes between trees or onto rough terrain.

It’s also the most value-priced option on this list, so it’s great for hunters who usually head out solo or in pairs. It has six windows, with two on each of the long walls and one on each short wall. This gives you greater flexibility in keeping yourself as concealed as possible while providing you with exceptional visibility of your prey, ensuring you never miss a shot. 

3. Best for Archery: Shadow Hunter Marksman 6x6 Octagon Archery Hunting Blind

Bow hunting blinds need tall vertical windows in addition to wide ones because of how traditional bows work. Crossbow hunters need extra-wide horizontal windows compared to rifles because they need more room for you to adjust their angle. However, if you’re a dedicated bow hunter, you can get an archery hunting blind that has as many vertical windows as possible.

The Marksman blind series has the same silent hunting blind windows as the Outdoorsman series for effective noise reduction and concealment. The one-handed window operation makes it easier to open quickly should the opportunity to take a shot arise. The octagon shape of the 6x6 blind gives you 360° visibility, offering you as many opportunities as possible to hit targets, no matter what location they move to. It’s truly a worthwhile investment for those with the patience required for bow hunting.

the shadow hunter outdoorsman octagon

4. Best Elevated: Shadow Hunter Outdoorsman 5’x6’ Blind

Hunting from an elevated blind helps keep you up and out of the deer’s line of sight while also more effectively dissipating your scent. The Outdoorsman features a multilayer panel construction with a foam insulation core that dampens sound and insulates you against the cold and heat for better comfort. The rectangular shape of the Outdoorsman blind series is perfect for constructing a tower. To make the process even easier, you can also purchase this unit as part of a combo pack that includes a ladder, anchors and brackets. Just set it up on top of your own tower in your preferred location.

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Investing in the Best Blinds

Shadow Hunter Blinds is proud to create blinds that will serve you for decades, even in harsh weather. We regularly use feedback from our customers to improve our blinds, creating the perfect environment for veterans and novices. Order from our selection of fully assembled and DIY options to take your hunting experience to the next level.