Does Scent Control Work?

May 11, 2021 2 min read

Pro Tips With Rick Philippi

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Being a die-hard archery hunter for 48 years, the one most important factor that I have come up with in being a successful hunter is controlling your scent! You will be amazed at how many larger and older bucks you will see if you give consideration to this detail. The hunters that don’t pay attention to scent control still see deer but mainly, encounter smaller bucks and younger deer that are not street smart.

Here is the technique I use and believe when I say it works!

1) The first thing I do is wash all my clothes in a scent control laundry detergent that makes my clothes odor free. Once my hunting clothes are washed, I hang them outside for two days and let them dry. Then I immediately store them in a scent proof bag.
2) The next thing, I shower in in a non-scented body wash and shampoo soap to eliminate all odors.
3) The third step of the process when I head out to the stand I spray my hunting clothes with an odor spray the will eliminate any other odor that may exist.
4) The 4th and final part of the procedure is I carry Anti-Odor field wipes with me to the stand. If I need to do any finishing touches such as wipe off my hands or face because of perspiration from the walk to my hunting location.

This is a simple 4-step process and I sincerely feel if you use this technique, you will see larger and older bucks. Remember, a deer’s nose is their number one defense.

Happy Hunting,
Rick Philippi

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