Top 7 Snacks for Your Hunting Blind

March 01, 2021 3 min read

Top 7 Snacks for Your Hunting Blind

If you’re anything like me, few things taste as good as the right snack on the side of a mountain or up in a tree stand.

There’s something about those environments that make those little guilty pleasures taste just a little bit better. Whether you’re into sweets or snacks of the salty variety, there’s an endless array of options.

Here we boil down the top seven snacks for the tree stand hunter.

Top Hunting Blind Snacks

1. Gummy bears

There’s something unexplainable about just how good Gummy Bears taste when hunting. Maybe it’s memories of being a young kid, maybe it has something to do with eating bears while being in the woods, but whatever it is, these little sugary morsels are a top go-to treestand snack. You can also eat them in almost perfect silence, which doesn’t hurt.

2. Jerky

Along the same lines as the bears, eating dried meat from previously harvested game is a good reminder that maybe you actually do know a thing or two about this hunting stuff. Especially when you’re not seeing much activity, a little jerky is another silent, tasty way to pass the time and satisfy that growling stomach.

3. Snickers

OK, so you could actually insert any of your preferred candy bars in this slot. For me, it’s a Snickers bar. And lately, it’s the peanut butter variety. But shoot, choose any candy bar you’d like (except a salted nut roll. Gross).

4. Clif Bars

Here again, go ahead and insert your favorite energy bar or granola bar if you disagree. You won’t offend me if you’re not a Clif bar fan, but I love those tasty little squares. There’s no shortage of flavor varieties to try, they pack easy, and their wrappers are surprisingly quiet.

5. Trollis

These sugary little sweets are sent straight from Heaven and come in a wide range of flavors. Whether you’re a PeachieOs type of person, a Crawlers fan, or if prefer any of the other varieties, these candies are loaded with enough flavor to wake up both you and your tastebuds during a long sit in the tree. One piece of advice, though, consider opening the bag at home and dumping all the treats into a plastic sandwich bag to make for quieter access in the woods.

6. Homemade cookies/treats

One of the most convenient things about the hunting season is, for most of us, it coincides quite nicely with Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Around our house, that means there is never a shortage of homemade treats and goodies. A Ziploc bag full of mom’s famous bars or trail mix is a surefire ticket to cure treestand hunger pangs.

7. Apples

I feel like I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a healthier option on our list. A good old-fashioned apple, orange, or [insert any other favorite fruit here] is always a great go-to tree stand snack. There’s no mess in getting them ready, they’re simple to pack, and when you’re done eating you get the added bonus of simply tossing the apple on the ground. As far as disturbing the woods or scaring your would-be trophy buck, most fruit won’t bother a deer. In fact, if you’re lucky, it may have the opposite effect.

Think we missed something? Disagree with the snacks that made our list? Let us know how you would modify the list.

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