Tips on Getting a Texas Hunting License

February 18, 2022 3 min read

With the nation’s largest population of white-tailed deer and the home of the Javelina, a small wild boar, Texas has bountiful hunting opportunities for residents and out-of-towners. Like all other states, to enjoy a hunt in Texas, you need to get aTexas hunting licenseand appropriate tag for the species you want to hunt. 

an elevated hunting blind in a grass field

Texas hunting licenses are inexpensive. Obtaining one isstraightforward, although there are a couple of nuances regarding special licenses. For instance, if you want to hunt non-indigenous animals, you must acquire a special game hunting license. Whether you are hoping to collect on a deer tag or embark on a public land hunt, improve your hunt with Shadow Hunter Blinds ground blind or an elevated blind. Blind hunting is very common in Texas, as it offers many advantages for bird, deer, sheep and javelina hunts. Ground blinds keep you concealed in the landscape, and elevated blinds allow safe hunting away from snakes and other ground hazards.

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The Different Kinds of Texas Hunting Licenses

Texas has various hunting licenses for residents, non-residents and youth hunters. Beyond entering a draw, the only prerequisite is you have the money to pay for your license. While you do not need a hunter’s education certification to get a license, you need to carry certification during a hunt. Residents and youth hunters, those 17 or under, enjoy the least expensive licenses ranging from $7 to $25 for a general hunting license. Residents include people living in Texas for the past six months and active armed forces. Non-residents pay $315 for their general hunting license. Additional licenses are needed with the general license for any special hunt like a special game hunt. 

General hunting license

In Texas, a general hunting license grants you access to hunts for any legal animal and bird. White-tailed deer, mule deer, pronghorn antelope and desert bighorn sheep are some of the animals covered by a general hunting license. Many require further state endorsements or a draw from the Big Time Texas Hunts program.

a back view of a hunter sitting behind a ground blind

If you are headed out on a whitetail deer hunt, the most popular hunt in Texas, consider the advantages of a ground blind by GhostBlind. The GhostBlind Phantom Ground Hunting Blind gives you all the benefits of area-specific camouflage with six mirror panels. Whitetails are notoriously skittish, so camouflage is a necessity.  

The GhostBlind Phantom also delivers unmatched mobility, as the whole system only weighs ten pounds. Set up within range of a tripod feeder or close to a creek, and trust that your ground blind will keep you concealed. Quick setup with only four stakes, four tie-downs and two bungee cords means you can be ready at a moment’s notice. 

Special game hunt

Texas’s abundance of private land affords it a large market for exotic animal hunts. Exotic species are those not indigenous to Texas and include many species of deer and fowl. The special game license also grants you access to javelina hunting and nongame animal hunts. Nongame animals include coyotes, mountain lions and smaller animals like ground squirrels, frogs, rabbits and porcupines. 

Javelina hunting lends itself to using an elevated hunting blind since they are known to roam in aggressive packs and have a great sense of smell. The Marksman 4x6 Hunting Blind works well for a javelina hunt because it fits in the bed of a truck for transport into remote areas where javelina are frequent. With windows that accommodate a gun or archery hunter, this blind will work no matter the restrictions of your specific javelina hunt. The panels and windows are built to keep your scent inside so the javelinas don’t smell your presence. Stay safe from aggressive javelina and other ground critters while executing a successful special game hunt with the Marksman 4x6 Hunting Blind by Shadow Hunter Blinds. 

a shadow hunter hunting blind

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Prepare for a Great Texas Hunt with Shadow Hunter Blinds

Texas hunting can be a wonderful experience with a bit of preparation. Once you get the appropriate license and learn the hunting rules and regulations in a hunter education program, you need the right equipment. Texas hunting lends itself to blind hunting, as the land can be hostile, and baiting is often allowed. 

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