9" Stake Kit

SlotLock® is the perfect stake for landscaping, inflatables, tents, lawn, and ground blinds.

With SlotLock® stakes, because there is no knot to tie, you get the right tension every time. And, if you do happen to re-adjust, you simply unlock, pull tight, and re-slot the rope. You can do this in the dark or with your eyes closed. You can even do this with your gloves on. And, unlike knots that loosen as you tie them, with the SlotLock® System, you can keep tension on the line as you lock it into the slot.

SlotLock®is constructed of Permalon, a premium, impact-grade, glass-filled, thermoplastic polymer that is virtually indestructible and impervious to the cold.

Made in the USA!

3 Pack Tree Stake Kit includes three 9" green stakes with three 10 ft straps.

4 Pack Anchoring Stake Kit includes three 9" green stakes.