Trail Cam Tips with Tom Nelson

September 01, 2017 1 min read

American Archer Tom Nelson on Trail Cams

Presented by Shadow Hunter Blinds

Just about every hunter now days is utilizing trail cameras to aid them in their scouting. I for one utilize numerous cameras throughout my hunting area. Each and every time I check them is like Christmas day and I cannot wait to see the photos the camera has collected. One of the biggest mistakes hunters make is how and how often they check the cameras. Many hunters check their cameras everyday. This is a good way of allowing deer to pattern you. Every time you go and check your camera you are leaving scent behind that whitetails pick up on long after you have left, thus alerting them to your presence.

I check my cameras once a week and do so in the middle of the day when deer activity is at a low point. I wear rubber boots and avoid touching any vegetation that is nearby. I have a few cameras located where I can drive right up to them on my ATV, thus avoiding having to walk around the area and leaving residual scent behind. Remember, deer can and will pattern you the hunter. Avoid leaving scent in your area and only check your cameras too often. Your first time in a blind is your best chance of killing your target animal.

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