4 of the Best Hunting Blind Chairs

April 01, 2021 4 min read

Your hunting blind chair can make the difference between an enjoyable, comfortable day in the field and a sore back and tense shoulders. Luckily, there are several fantastic hunting blind chairs or cushions designed to keep your back comfortable all day long. 

With these hunting blind chairs, you won’t need to worry about sore muscles while waiting for prey to approach or making adjustments. The more comfortable your chair, the longer you’ll be able to stay out in your hunting blind, and the easier it will be to take down that trophy buck. Here are the fourbest hunting blind chairs and seats to help make your hunting experience as comfortable as possible. 


1. Deluxe Hunting Chair with GelCore

Thisdeluxe hunting chair uses GelCore Technology for ultimate comfort all day long. Unlike other chairs, which may become uncomfortable the longer you sit in them, this Deluxe Hunting Chair gradually becomes more comfortable throughout the day. The GelCore Technology eases tension on pressure points and regulates your temperature to keep you as comfortable as possible. 

In the winter, this chair stays warm, while in the summer it keeps you cool, thanks to the ComforTex fabric. You’ll also enjoy the 360° swivel, so you won’t ever miss an animal’s approach. You can easily change the height using the threaded height adjustment and enjoy added comfort and lumbar support from the tilted seat and backrest. This deluxe hunting chair made from breathable mesh is perfect for most hunting blinds and most hunters, regardless of their prey of choice. With a weight capacity of 350 lbs., this hunting chair can support you and your gear. Although it doesn’t collapse, it only weighs 20 lbs., so you won’t find it hard to get this chair up into your hunting blind.

2. Hunt Comfort’s FatBoy

ThisGelCore FatBoy seat cushion is perfect for hunters who prefer hunting stands to blinds. Sitting on a hard, cold, metal frame for hours can be uncomfortable and interfere with your ability to get a good, clean shot. Instead, place this non-slip cushion on your hunting stand, and you’ll notice a difference immediately. The memory foam filling means the cushion adjusts to your body’s needs, and the branded “Stealth Fabric” is long-lasting and won’t make excessive noise, which could give away your position. 

The LiteCore Technology uses three layers of density foam, so it won’t flatten or bottom out. At 16” x 14” x 3”, most hunters will fit comfortably on this cushion. There’s also no need to worry about rolling off your stand because of the framed support feature, which adds extra grip to the cushion. You can comfortably use this seat cushion in any weather, thanks to its materials, which allow maximum ventilation. If you plan on trekking to your hunting stand, you’ll be able to carry this 2.75-lb. cushion easily.


3. Portable Hunting Chair: Mesh Lite Chair

If you like to ground hunt and use blinds, you’ll want a comfortable chair that can work for both. This meshswivel hunting chair is multi-functional and swivels 360° in both positions. It’s perfect for summer hunting especially, since the mesh is breathable and can keep you cool even on the hottest days. 

For hunters who trek through the woods searching for the ideal hunting spot, this lightweight, 16-lbs., portable chair folds up compactly. Simply throw it over your shoulder and use the included carrying strap for easy transportation. For added comfort, you can bring along aGelCore Scout Seat Gel Cushion

4. Hunter Seat

If you hunt using a stand rather than a blind and want something portable, thishunter seat is ideal. Use it to get up to 22” off the ground on almost any terrain. Its soft, cushioned seat provides a comfortable place to wait for prey, and the Y-head-and-fork footing means you can set it up against any post, tree, or bale. This useful seat is rated for 300 lbs. and can also be used as a rest for your gun. Because it’s only one piece, the setup is silent and won’t disturb nearby game. 

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Hunt in Comfort

Having a comfortable seat to use during your hunt not only helps your muscles but may improve your chances of a successful hunt. Tighter muscles make it harder to react quickly—a necessary skill for hunters. This time delay could cause you to miss the perfect shot. It also gives you the opportunity toenjoy a snack while hunting, to keep your energy up. 

Besides a comfortable hunting chair, make sure you dress for the weather in warm base layers and flexible outerwear to keep your muscles warm. Use waterproof insulated gloves made from high-performance fabrics, such as Thinsulate, to allow for adequate dexterity. For summer hunting, bringenough water to stay hydrated, and wear sunscreen and a gaiter or hat to protect your neck and head. The more comfortable you are in your blind, the faster you’ll react to an animal wandering through. 

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